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    Somethings are beyond saving

    Don't believe everything you read, don't buy everything they are selling. Get out and shoot. It aint rocket surgery, Good luck.
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    Cronograph's ??

    PORWATH, by now you must realize that I can get it done under all sorts of conditions and environments with my rig and data. I do not care what the velocity is, only that the numbers I use produces repeatable predictable drops. YOU get this yet? Who gives a crap about the stupid...
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    Rifle + scope for 1K, is it possible?

    I am apparently confused. Are we talking 1k rifle or just 500 yard dear? edit never mind I see. What range are you hoping to engage? General purpose is too easy for a thousand bucks.
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    Rifle + scope for 1K, is it possible?

    Without the extra window dressing or peripheral equipment, it can be done but just barely, not totally ideally but a capable rig none the less. If it were me: savage accutrigger in preferred long action caliber $500-, a fixed power swfa 12x42 mil/mil scope $320-, a decent base, rings and a...
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    Want to build a quality LR rifle for under $1500?

    +1, agree on all points.
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    Small Caliber Long Range Questions

    While the 243 is not known for being fur friendly I bet you could find a fur friendlier bullet for it. I would look into that if I where in your shoes. I would bet 9 outa ten varmint hunters carrying a 223 now are doing so for the same reason. I think my next on is going to be a 6br just to see...
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    Bolt action rifles and cheek weld

    There you go........ I know it aint your thing because it's all function without trying to dress it up but the choate cheek riser saddles the stock and screws down over the original stock with a single screw (onto a choate stock) and it works slick. If you made one of wood to match your stock...
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    Cronograph's ??

    Once I have my base line established, I shoot all over with positive results. ES is obvious at distance. Groups fired repetitively can eliminate shooter error and needs done anyway to develop a load, test it's consistency and stay in practice. Agree that not all software is equal and the bc...
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    Who on LRH has Laying Chickens ???

    I do not know anything about "layen pellets" but four outa five is great, we feed ours a generic D&B scratch and pull 6-8 from a dozen hens.
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    shooting bags

    At least with rice you know you aint gonna starve if you can boil water: Backup rations.
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    Cronograph's ??

    It just occurred to me that perhaps my system was not elaborated on adequately. I am using ballistic software, I am dependent on pre established bc numbers just like everyone else. I am not running on just drops and expecting that to work in a variety of conditions. I am just using known...
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    Cronograph's ??

    I was not saying you had said anything about only shooting close range, I was just saying. Now for the rest, You are assuming my bc is off......ok I have bean trusting Brian's data on that and have no reason to doubt it or method to research it beyond what he has done, since apparently you do...
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    shooting bags

    BDU pant legs loaded with bagged rice. Gotta have cammo.
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    300 WSM vs. 300 WM

    +1 Welcome, load the heavies 210+ in the win mag, I would even go at least 190 in the wsm.