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    SELLER: Negative Experience

    ALCON, I just had a very negative experience selling a firearm on here and it will likely prevent me from selling additional ones in the future. It's not my style to dime people out for disagreements (so I'll refrain unless he tries to come after me), but I'd encourage people to take heed of...
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    DPMS LR-308

    DPMS LR-308 for sale. 24” heavy stainless barrel, Jard trigger, 5x 20rd mags, fab defense carbine stock, Nikon buckmaster mildot (18x) scope. Rifle has about 350 rounds through it and is remarkably accurate (I’ve made hits to 1120 yards with it. Purchase will include 150 rounds of factory FMJs...
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    New CA Classic 300WM, Leupold, Seekins ELR Hunting set up

    Are you willing to sell just the rifle? If so, how much?
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    Weatherby Mark V .22-250

    Sold pending funds
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    Sako TRG-42 338 Lapua Magnum

    Sold, pending funds
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    Weatherby Mark V .22-250

    Open to reasonable offers
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    Dallas Lane built 28 Nosler

    Incredible looking rifle! Any interest in trades aside from the swaro?
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    Sako TRG-42 338 Lapua Magnum

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    Weatherby Mark V .22-250

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    Sako TRG-42 338 Lapua Magnum

    Delisting next week. $5k plus shipping.
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    Sako TRG-42 338 Lapua Magnum

    Willing to trade for lone peak Ti action (magnum), defiance ultra light action (magnum), or new version of the vortex 60x85 spotter plus cash.
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    Weatherby Mark V .22-250

    Repeater. 4+1
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    Weatherby Mark V .22-250

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    Weatherby Mark V .22-250

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    Moose calibre?

    Shot my Idaho Shiras with an open sighted 30-06 pushing 220 gr Sierra Pro Hunters. I shot him 3x (each shot was lethal, but wanted to ensure he didn’t go anywhere) and only recovered one bullet under the off side hide. He went about 5 yards.

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