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    Why I want a 25 creedmoor because it's the perfect caliber.

    Guys if anyone has a mind too, I have a 25 WSSM Encore upper for sale.
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    Nine point dropped with a 444.

    Rather use 45-70 , a friend shot a doe in sholder , did not enter chest at all had to finish shot to head.
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    Dumb Barrel Length Question?

    For hunting try Buffalo Bore 44 mag Deer grenade turns inside to mush.
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    Dumb Barrel Length Question?

    I have a Tauras 2.5 barrel in 454 Casull for fun and maybe bear.
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    Biggest buck to date - Ohio gun season

    Great buck, from one Ohio hunter to another. Haven't got mine Yet! Hope to Second weekend. Congrats again.
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    What’s your favorite caliber for deer?

    We will see this year toss up 45-70 , or 350 legend limited in Ohio.
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    Biggest buck I’ve ever seen

    Now that's how you fill a freezer !!!!! Congrats
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    Bragging on my Niece

    Congrats, hope she never quits.
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    Hammers in 308

    People I saw some 165 Game Kings , 308 on Gun Broker this morning. Good, luck bidding.
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    Not a fascinating story

    That heart is going to be hard to slice up for grill, congrats.
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    Montana Mulie- an old troll

    Great old warrior , nicely written story and pics.
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    The Heartbreak Buck

    Been thru almost the same thing on a whitetail hunt years ago that I had nice one dead to rights with my muzzleloader a man below me stepped in front of me and shot the deer with a shotgun. I was fingering my set trigger already on 2 lb pull. Gurrrr
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    Sierra matchking performance on game

    A few years back I found a more or less brand new Rem 700 in 300 Win un shot ss grey lam stock bought for a song. Story goes gift afraid to shoot because of cal. , it shoots clover leaf at 100 with 200 ELD-x. Love it.