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    Christensen Mesa issues

    Had the same rifle. Could not get it to group. Sent it back and they said cleaned and verified. It would not shoot factory or any handloads. I had it rebarreled for 6.5prc that shoots great now. Absolutely was the barrel or fit of the barrel
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    New rifle...... Flinching

    I to own 338-378 Mark V. You will adopt to it believe me. Get range time and concentrate on the sight picture. BTW 250 partitions and 285 ELDM are hammers!!!
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    Hitting pressure early in 6.5 PRC

    Check case neck thickness. I also had a rebarrel and hit pressures way early. Had to thin the neck due to tight chamber dimensions
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    The 147 ELDM are notorious for blowing up. I had several do the keyhole at close range (100yds). If you video you will see them blow past 200yds. Stopped using them all together in 1:7
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    Shockey joins Christensen Arms

    I hope he can improve on CA quality. Been waiting 2 weeks for RMA and even called. LRM in 7 mag purched late Dec and it will not put 3 bullets in the same zipcode:(
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    30-06 and 168 Berger VLD

    168 Bergers and '06 are a deadly combination. Both my '06 shoot bug holes with 51 grains Varget and Win brass.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LTT 6.5-284 Unfired brass - Lapua

    ***** SPF from terratracker *****
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LTT 6.5-284 Unfired brass - Lapua

    I have 50 pcs of unfired Lapua 6.5-284 brass that I would like to trade for Lapua 260 or 243 brass. I have picked up a 260 and need some good brass gun) [email protected] or PM
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 300 wsm

    Great seller here. Buy with confidence! I have purchased two rifles he has worked on and they both shoot great!!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED remington 700 264 win mag.

    PM sent your way for details
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    SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale Sako 75 300 Win Mag

    PM sent your way
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    30/06-1man,1rifle,1 land

    in my younger years, I was all into the Magnum hype. Had every version of magnum under the sun. Had great hunts and made a lot of kills. But in the last 5 years I have come to appreciate the 25/06, 270, and the ole '06. I don't know what it is about this cartridge that keeps me fascinated but I...
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    Where to find Hodgdon 1000?

    I picked up 3#s here last week. May want to give them a call and see if they will ship Weber's Guns 2701 Ira Young DrTemple, TX 76504254.791.4867