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    Food plots

    I maintain/plant 17 acres of food plots. What and when you plant is location dependent. My fall plantings are winter rye, oats, red and white clover, and chicory. With our weather, these need to go in by Labor Day. We also plant acres or brassica, and corn or beans which go in late spring or...
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    270 win bullet selection

    I’m another fan of 130 Hornady Spire Points (Interloc). They perform way above their cost as far as effectiveness on game and accuracy. Loaded with a healthy dose of H4831, 3100fps is easily achievable. You need look no further.
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    Getting pumped for Elk!.... Even though it's archery lol. NM & Utah

    Plan on saving your energy/ patience to focus on the last few days in UT. Action should really be heating up. I’d be picky the first 10 days of September.
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    Swarovski z3 BT vs leupold vx5hd

    I can’t speak for the VX5, but I own multiple Z3 scopes and wouldn’t rely on any of them for dialing. Most of the time (not all), the glass is fantastic. Save one bad apple, I feel the Z3s (and Z5s for that matter) are outstanding set and forget scopes. After owning a couple dozen vari-x-III...
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    Alaska Caribou. Terminal performance for the Accubond lovers 😅.

    I asked about performance because at that range and given the starting velocity, I suspected a regular cup and core bullet would kill quicker. While I have no experience with the ABLR, I have a lot of experience with the AB.
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    Alaska Caribou. Terminal performance for the Accubond lovers 😅.

    Can you tell us about the wound channels and the size of exit?
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    Am I downgrading in binos?

    I’m an admitted optics junkie, with a decided bias in favor of Swarovski binos. They are brilliant optics with world class CS. Having said that, anything made by man is subject to failure (I’ve had to send Swarovski binos and scopes in for repair). I would bet the Swarovski binos would...
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    Why I hate my 270 WSM

    My Tikka has taken over has my go to deer rifle where ranges are 2-400yds. It just works. Recoil is light enough I can see the bullet impact (this is not the case with my 300wby and 7mmSTW. I’m presently shooting 140 accubond.
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    7mm STW bullet for Elk

    I’ve shot a number of elk with the 160 Accubonds. They flat get it done. I like the load because it’s also quite effective on deer. If I were to use a STW as a dedicated elk rifle, I’d step up in weight.
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    .270 whitetail bullet shopping again, for the last time.

    I’ve enjoyed this thread. Lots of experience. Bullets do funny things sometime….as do critters. Accordingly, I look for what will work in most circumstance. I’ve searched for the holy grail of bullets in a number of cartridges over the years (for the ranges I typically hunt). I’ve found it...
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    Suggestions for a good elk hunting boot

    For that late in the season, I go another route altogethe: Schnees Hunter 2 with a couple extra liners to rotate through are what you seek.
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    First magnum caliber

    Given what you already have, I’d personally step up to something in .338. To be clear, you don’t need more....but need is a 4 letter word around here. If you handload, you’ll find the 210 partitions are tough to beat as a do everything combination. I‘ve shot deer, antelope, bear, moose and...
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    Caliber choice for prairie dogs

    When I was in still living out west, the 204R wasn’t an option because it didn’t exist. Also, it strikes me that if a high volume of shooting is on the menu, stockpiles of reloadable brass/bullets are a necessity. How easy was it to stockpile thousands of brass/bullets pre Covid? I ask...
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    Caliber choice for prairie dogs

    I’ve had some epic prairie dog and whistle pig hunts over the decades, and one rifle is never the answer as even heavy barrels can become really hot with lots of shooting. Indeed, I’ve had trips where 3 or even 4 rifles were needed to let things cool down. As such, multiple chamberings made...
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    270 Bullet Poll

    For me, it would be 140 accubond. They seem to provide the best combination of expansion, penetration and trajectory out of a 270. They also tend to shoot more accurately than partitions for me.