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    Nightforce 7-35 Tremor 3

    Is this still available?
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    Leupold VX-5HD 2-10x42 duplex

    Do you have any pics of the actual item?
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    Vortex Razor HD II 4.5-27x56

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    Vortex Razor HD AMG

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    Cheap, quality binoculars

    Cheap and quality do go together in one, specific way for binoculars. Porro prism binos (the big, not straight ones) such as Nikon's Aculon series will typically be higher quality at a specific point than a comparable roof-pentaprism binocular. Nikon makes a 10x42 Aculon at <$100, others...
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    Lens material: "glass" vs. "crystal"

    Swarovski scopes use Schott glass afaik (Schott AG is owned by the same consortium as Zeiss). Nobody uses flourite in riflescopes that I know of. Some have mentioned its use in spotting scopes and camera lenses. Flourite is also used in some specialty camera lenses for its transmissivity in...
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    Shoot it or throw away the brass?

    Fire them, push them out, pull the bullet and develop a new magnum primer load... all valid options. Powder cheap, primers not... now that's just not true. A large rifle magnum primer is $.03, while 36 grains of IMR 4064 is $.10 (all prices current at PVI).
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    6.5 MM STW Reloading Data

    26 Nosler data should be very close.
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    Manners Compsoite Stocks 2015 new products

    Your stocks are awesome, but can they be had in much shorter LOP?
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    Primer backasards?

    A single primer goes PFFFFFT!, not boom. You don't want it to go PFFFFFT! into your eyes, but if it goes off in a die, especially one as spacious as a 300RUM, it won't be a boom, of any sort. A primer won't even push the bullet out of any decent size case without powder. Keep your eyes safe...
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    Need easy answer to dumb question

    People have talked about notching rims to ID various wildcats, brass batches, etc...
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    Current Savage 110 series receiver Ultra Mag control or push feed?

    This is untrue. I own a factory 116 in .300 RUM that is very much push feed with an M16 style ejector. Not positive about the shank size.
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    1000 yard club "-06" cartridges

    The .280 and .284 are both the calibers of champions at 1000yrd F-Class. The AI and Shehane are the improved versions therof. Really high BC .270 bullets aren't made by many companies because of the factory twists that the rifles come in.
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    How's Norma Brass?

    I believe the general consensus is that, dimensionally, Norma brass is of very high quality. However the heads are known to be softer than some other brands, which leads to primer pocket failure faster than with harder brass, when shooting high-pressure loadings.

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