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    300 Win Mag Match Ammo

    Sent you a PM Rob. Regards. John
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    300 PRC Mesa Precision Arms Crux Titanium Proof Carbon

    That is the sexiest thing I've seen in a long time! Nice stick! GLWS!
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    New Seekins 34mm Rings

    Is 1.26" the medium or high? thanks, John.
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    Seekins 6.5 creedmoor

    Are you selling just the barreled action? I can't tell what stock or chassis that is.... John
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    Seekins ATC .308 brake 5/8x24

    I'll take it if it's still available please! PM sent. John
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    Vortex razor hd gen ii 4.5-27x56

    Yep ...he never answered my PM, seemed to be a little late too sweet of a deal.
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    Spartan Rifle 223

    Hi, if you're willing to separate, how much for just the barreled action and trigger? Thanks. John
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    Vortex razor hd gen ii 4.5-27x56

    Sent you a PM Sflutes.....
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    Leica rangemaster crf 1600-b

    Interested in any trades?
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    338 Lapua Defiance Mcmillan

    Who was the gunsmith that did all the machine work and assembly? Thanks.
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    CA 300wm EH-5

    Do you still have the original stock?
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    Bushnell XRSII

    Interested in any trades?
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    Christensen Arms Carbon Classic 300 win mag

    HI kasey, i cant tell from the pics, does this stock have the monte carlo cheek rest...some of the pics from christensen's website have a hi-comb style and some look to have the same stock as the ridgeline. John
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom built 338 Norma $4000 OBO

    What kind of trades are you interested in? Thanks, John
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    SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale: Benchmark Barrels 338 Edge

    Rifle is sold pending funds. Thanks.