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    Leica Press Release - CRF-1600

    Perhaps I am not understanding your comment but... All of these laser range finders are limited in the amount of power they can put into the laser beam so the only way to increase range (everything else being equal) is to narrow the divergence of the beam. The Swarovski uses a very narrow beam...
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    Best caliber for long range in a short action.

    This is one of those impossible to answer questions. There are many factors that could enter into one's decision as to the best caliber for short action and long range. If all you care about is the ability to hit a paper target at the maximum possible range with the least bullet drop then the...
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    Building An Accurate AR-15 By Steve Adelman

    You mentioned when you wrote the original article that you were sure the first shots across the bow challenging our guns rights were sure to occur due to the change in administration. Though I am a lifetime NRA member I do not claim to be an expert on gun control politics but I haven't noticed...