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    SOLD/EXPIRED 375 lilja rifle barrel

    Sir: still have the .375 barrel for sale? am interested
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB .375 High Quality Barrel

    Looking for a good .375 tube. What do you Have?
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    Re: McMillan HTG, Wyatt DBM, Brux Barrel If the barrel deal goes SOUTH I'll take it.. [email protected]
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Barrels for sale

    Will take #3 308 [email protected] contact me
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wts 338rum brass and bullets

    IF they are still for sale I'll take'em 406-323-3719
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Remington 700 LA, Mag bolt Face, Lrg Lug, Tactical knob, TRUED

    $450 and it will just be a pleasent memory. Paul