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    IMR 7828 SSC

    7828ssc is a single base powder (nitrocellulose). Rl26 is double base nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin). Both are stick powders (extruded). All things being equal double base powders are capable of higher energies at equal pressure and single base powders are more likely to give the tightest...
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    #1 shooting tip

    very good post! I too have found things get better when you stop trying to eliminate or fight against all the “human factors” that affect shooting and learn to work with them instead.
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    #1 shooting tip

    Not the most important thing but those have already been well covered...I’d add on some dry fire drills where someone else either loads or does not load a cartridge in before you shoot, you don’t know which. Reveals how flinchy you really are in a hurry. Humbling and helpful. On a similar...
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    Hammer hype?

    to be fair I’ve heard no shortage of complaints about Barnes, hornady gmx, Nosler e tip, and such, from those who did not recover the animal or shot it multiple times or recovered it after tracking over a mile and discovering ice pick style wounds. I have yet to encounter one such complaint...
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    338 or 375 or 416?

    No kodiak ezperience of any kind, full disclaimer. That being said, while all will probably work indistinguishably from each other my vote very easily goes to the .375 with the 300 weldcore. Weldcore’s are awesome! .375 is an awesome caliber for most everything, the perfect compromise/blend...
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    Starting out on a budget

    amen. Nothing contrarian here (either that or I’m a fellow contrarian). Whether on paper or electronically, READ READ READ!!!!!
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    Which rifle route for long range?

    I have a savage 111 long range hunter in 300 Win mag. No regrets on the brand and build of rifle, and especially no regrets on cartridge selection. My vote is for .300 win mag all the way, no questions asked. Its history of and ongoing success in competition, hunting, and military use...
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    Starting out on a budget

    Would also add, in the interest of being a friend and on the basis of my own experience of the learning curve - get a stuck case remover kit or put one of your own together after researching what they entail - just do it will need it...ask me how I know. Prepare to have some...
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    Starting out on a budget

    While true that you don’t NEED a chronograph I highly recommend buying one, even a cheap shooting chrony or something, doesn’t have to be fancy or top of the line. I too started loading on a budget (was engaged and in college). I bought a chronograph before I bought a press even, on the advice...
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    Intrigued by truly big 6mms - and their absence in the shooting world

    As the OP I’ll state I’m fine with derailing the thread if need be. I’m also intrigued for sure
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    Staball 6.5 in 270 WSM

    Interesting to say the least. I’m intrigued by this particular powder along with ram shot lrt if it becomes more available, but am inherently untrusting of ball powders due to some less than stellar experiences with win 760 and hodgdon superformance. Your results encourage me, but I would love...
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    Semi auto hunting

    No experience of my own but can say this: no one I know who has a BAR has had any desire to part with theirs. That says something to me. I’d say go for it, I doubt you’ll regret it and you certainly can have one with lots of “punch”.
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    Staball 6.5 in 270 WSM

    Very well could be. What’s the FPS on that load? Should tell you enough, if it’s running slow then this problem could be rectified by upping the charge. interestingly enough someone started a thread about this same sooty problem in 30-06 with this staball powder. It may be an inherently...
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    Intrigued by truly big 6mms - and their absence in the shooting world

    No experience with nitriding but am starting to gain experience treating bullets and barrels with hexagonal boron nitride. Not sure how that compares but the tests of others sure do indicate prolonged barrel life. That combined with modern powders that erase copper fouling, so problematic with...
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    Is M.V. affected that much by bullet jump?

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Appreciate the scientific approach. Love it when the answer is so crystal clear and proveable, repeatable.

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