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    Javelin Bipods

    Love it! Have the Javelin Lite and just got the adjustable legs. It stays put very well but most of the time I just carry on my belt and put it on when needed in a matter of seconds! And it’s ounces not pounds in weight. They also have a tripod head that uses the same system. Good for binos and...
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    Winchester Model 70 .280 Remington upgrade to AI

    I have both and the gains can be significant with the AI. The 168 Berger’s at 2950 fps should peak your interest which is normal velocities in a 150 gr range! The one problem I see is your model 70’s twist rate which may hinder any performance gains. A 1 in 9 would be a minimum 1 in 8.5 would be...
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    Would you eat this bull?

    Had a mule deer many years ago that had a wound in the rib area my butcher immediately cut that section out and went quite a way back from it to where he thought it was fine. He did package that quarter separate from everything else and said if anything doesn’t taste right use it for dog food! 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Adg vrs Peterson vrs nosler

    I also run ADG in my 28 Nosler and it’s my favourite! I have run Bertram as well but it needs lots of work to get accurate loads (neck turning etc) necks can vary 3-4 thousand but it’s definitely meaty brass! Haven’t tried Peterson yet and Nosler brass in the 28 hasn’t been ideal with ejector...
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    Which annealing machine?

    Love mine super easy!
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    100% unbiased honest input on Leupold VX6-HD VS Zeiss Conquest V4

    Yup have the Razor LHT 3-15 on my 280 AI and very happy with it. Compared it to the vx5 and the glass was better it and the parallax adjustment as well. For the money great scope
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    100% unbiased honest input on Leupold VX6-HD VS Zeiss Conquest V4

    Yup get the V6 Zeiss for just a bit more money I have 1 on my 28 Nosler love how it tracks and returns to zero.
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    Browning x-bolt long range hunting rifle

    I have 1 x-bolt and very satisfied with it! It’s a Hell’s Canyon Long Range in 28 Nosler shoots 195 Bergers at 3050 sub-moa 8 twist so it stabilizes them nicely with a Zeiss V6 3-18 scope comes in under 9lbs. One of my favourite rifles. I have been looking at the max long range in 300 PRC or 300...
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    Shooting lighter weight rifles?

    Absolutely this👆👆👆
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    280ai and RL23

    That’s my biggest problem with the 280AI is that most of the rifles chambered in it are sub 24” which eliminates most of the slower powders. I have been using RL 19 simply because of the efficiency of it in a 22” barrel. It can be temp sensitive but I work up my loads for Canada so an 85 degree...
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    Savage rifle

    I have an ultralight in 280 AI with a Razor HD LHT glass. It weighs in at 7.3 lbs. Wonderful to carry, nice to shoot especially with the Spartan bipod on. It’s my go to rifle right now and my 700 mountain rifle in 280 is now my backup.
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    .280 Ackley load

    Yup my favourite in the 280 and 280 AI is RL 19 using a 168 Berger VLD Hunter getting 2950-2960 in a Savage 110 Ultralight. Just slight flattening of the primers with no extraction issues!
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    Coyotes won’t come in on a call

    You would be surprised how good their hearing really is! I’ve watched them catch mice and voles under a foot of snow and they hear them moving there! Once they pinpoint where they are the pounce on them through the snow and get a quick meal.
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    Coyotes won’t come in on a call

    I live in near a small/medium sized city and the yotes have become very wary of the calls that used to bring them in. Tons of coyotes just pressure has made them very wary. A friend of mine told me he used a cat meows call and it’s like ringing a dinner bell around here we have lots of acreages...
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    .280 or 6.5x284 for elk

    Just was finishing up load development yesterday on my Savage 110 ultralite in 280 AI and it’s going to be a great hard packing rifle. Loaded 168 Berger’s on 59.5 gr of RL19 at 2950. Photo below is on plate at 300 yards wind was was quartering behind R to L at approximately 10mph slightly...