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    Optics mounting problem steyr pro hunter

    Fellas, I have a steyr sbs pro hunter in 7 mag. If i use the 2 piece tally rings or any other 2 piece base it's the same as the a bolt. I want a rail so I ordered a steyr long action 20 moa rail from tally. It doesn't line up and consequently won't work. What am I missing? Any help would be...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Mcrees Rem 700 L/A chassis with nv mount

    Looking to sell a Mcrees precision od green long action fixed chassis for a Remington 700. Chassis has seen 50 rounds and has the night vision mount with 2 rails. Also included is a 7" bottom rail for bipod, od green Hogue grip, od green sniper skid plate, and triad tactical stock pack...