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    25-06 failure to group

    There are several things you should look at or try, my first thought is bedding, some rifles are extremely finicky, Meaning everything has to be perfect, I would suggest next time you sit at the bench fire a group as you normally do, then completely remove the rear guard screw, then fire another...
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    Proud Dad!!

    Wow you just don't find those standing behind every tree, you should have that scored, I'm thinking that just might make B&C, well done congratulations
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    Developing a New 'Hammer' Load for 6.5-06

    The Barnes has never let me down even when I didn't do my part, but anything can be improved upon, thanks
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    Developing a New 'Hammer' Load for 6.5-06

    Light bullets scare me, I have total faith in barnes, but always looking for a better mouse trip, I ordered some today, thanks
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    Developing a New 'Hammer' Load for 6.5-06

    I'm curious has anyone had the opportunity to compare how the hammer bullets compare to the Barnes x, how well do the penetrate, having grown up hunting national forest lands here in California I learned if you hope to fill a tag every year you can't afford to pass up a less than perfect shot...
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    17 Remington Shooters

    I got my first 17 rem in 77 or 78 A Remington BDL, I fell in love at The first shot of that cartridge, while I loved the cartridge I did not care much for the 700, so I upgraded to a custom sako, in the time since that first i've owned 11 and rebarreling twice along the way, I always felt I...
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    What cartridge/bullet for hog hunting?

    Thank you, looks like I may have a new winter project!
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    What cartridge/bullet for hog hunting?

    Yeah it hurts every time I think of it (daily) that's what I get For continuing to live in a state of nearly 40 million, I don't suppose you have a favorite load for a AI and those hammers, I might get bored and want to try them someday, especially since they appear to be available.
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    What cartridge/bullet for hog hunting?

    Holy crap that's a laser beam, lets see a creedmoor do that! The twist is 1-9, I've resisted trying hammers in any of my guns, I pretty much abandoned the partitions in favour of Barnes about 20 years ago never had any reason to regret that change, plus the fact I pretty much have a life time...
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    What cartridge/bullet for hog hunting?

    It really depends on how you are going to be hunting them if you are hunting from a blind over bait just about anything will get the job done especially if you are able to take head shots, I've been extremely lucky and fortunate when it comes to hog hunting opportunities here in California, I...
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    I like Shiny things

    If you are looking for maximum velocity 4350 is a little on the fast side to accomplish that, for max velocity I'd start with h4831 and then start looking at some slower powders powders, I started reloading at a young age about 71 or 72 under my dads supervision, over the years I started...
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    Remington Model Seven Custom Build

    Go for the Ackley, I've been a big fan of the 257 IMP for about 40 years now, in fact I own 3 a rebored Browning sako safari grade a rebored ruger num 1A and the third which has been my go to rifle Since 92 is the model 7, Its nowhere near its original form but the heart is the model 7, it wears...
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    33 Nosler with 22" barrel and lightweight TTSX

    Well I don't know about a beating, I might offer up a slap on the back though, A gun like that makes sense, I've never been one to shy away from a long or tricky shot, my longest shots have exceeded 700 yards, however after more than fifty years of chasing big game in most of the western states...
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    129 Absolute Hammers in 6.5 SAUM

    If you go from 1/2 moa to 4 inches there is a really good chance your gun just does not like that bullet, when I run in to this type of problem I go to what I think is the fastest powder I believe might work as well as what I feel is the slowest, I had a problem 243 Wssm that didn't seem to...