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    Who is from Wisconsin!

    Eau Claire I believe has a 1k range, I am a member at Winnequah in Lodi, and we have 1200. Matt
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    Which 45/70 die set?

    FWIW.....just save the $$$ and get a Shiloh. Buy once cry once. You will NOT be disappointed. A CPA rifle would also be a good choice, they will chamber any rimmed cartridge. They use Douglas barrels.
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    Which 45/70 die set?

    you wont need to crimp in your Browning, all you'll need is a roll crimp in your lever gun. the RCBS, Lyman both have them. Keep the Browning under 28k for pressure the lever gun under 40k although you will most likely never get there anyway as recoil is brutal in that light of a gun. If you...
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    School me on spherical/ ball powder. Ramshot magnum in particular.

    was always told that ball powders were harder to ignite??? not sure in the truth to that, as I dont use them in large cases but, they work wonderfully in my pistols and 223.
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    Just about out of Fed 210M primers

    that was my response as well!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 50 70 brass

    In stock...... thats a fine deer ctg!! have fun with it!!! matt
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    Just about out of Fed 210M primers

    I was in a conversation with a arms/ammo supplier and they told us "dont expect federal primers this year or most of next".... FWIW. matt
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    Help explain taper crimp

    what rifle is it in?? single shot rifles dont need much crimp, even bolt actions do not need a lot. Now if its tube fed your going to need some crimp to hold it in place so it doesnt push in. If it were me, I would re-size and not bell/expand, I would just seat he bullet and try it w/o crimp...
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    What do you regret buying?

    Chrony chronograph, Frankford arsenal powder scale, Hornady case prep trio, hornady concentricity gauge
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    Bullet selection on 7mm.

    160 accubond for elk, 175gr Interlock for moose, guess a 160ab would do too, a 139gr Interlock for deer.
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    223/556 load suggestions for 24" 1/8 twist barrel

    24gr of varget, 77gr SMK and a Rem 7 1/2BR. 22gr of Ar Comp, 75gr Horn HPBT, Fed 205M
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    present costs of ammunition?

    what is the 22lr ammo?? may be interested if you want to sell it here.
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    308 load development?

    180gr Interlock with 42gr of Varget. works very well in my savage ba10. That bullet has been around for many many years and taken many large game animals.
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    WTT Federal 210 Primers for Federal 215 Primers

    You ever get up towards Wi.....send me a message. I got a few thousand.
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    Load recommendation for 1000 yards

    155gr "palma" bullet from sierra. Try and keep it under 3k fps and you'll be fine out to 1k