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    .260 ai ?

    pls delete
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    I am having one built right now.It is on a Rem. action w/Wyatt box,with a Krieger(26") barrel.I am planning on trying Horn. 140 A-Max bullets first and go from there.Sorry, no real experience here,but it should be done in a couple weeks,and I'll be able to shed more light on the situation then.
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    Which High-End Spotter to Buy?

    Another vote for the Pentax Pf80Ed.I bought one last year and have nothing bad to say about it.For the $ its great,but if I had to hike alot,I would also have a more compact spotter for that.Usually what I use it for is shooting out to 700(so far) I didnt have the $ to spend on the...
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    .243 AI build

    Hello Guys, I have a CZ 550 in .243 Win. and the barrel is close to the end of its life. Thinking about turning it into 243ai. Just wondering if anyone has built one on this action before or has any advice. I am also thinking about building an 8 twist .22-.243(already have all the...
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    Sako TRG-S M-995 build-up?

    I cant remember offhand,but I think we put in a Rem. lug.I also put on a Limbsaver pad,and got my gunsmith to reinforce the front sling swivel stud with a piece of metal underneath as this seems to be a weak spot on the rifle.
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    Sako TRG-S M-995 build-up?

    I have a 7 STW built on a M-995.I used the original stock,and a 28" Hart barrel.I really like the action.They also have a good magazine,and a really nice trigger.Dont see them around too much.I think they stopped making them.
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    7STW & Sierra Gamekings?

    Hello Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has practical experience with 175 GKs in a 7STW?I have Retumbo,RL 25,and H1000 on hand,and am hoping I can get one of these powders to work.This load is going to be used primarily for LR whitetail and mule deer. Thanks
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    Your opinions on 7STW Scope

    Hi, I also recently had a 7STW built on a Sako action,with a Hart barrel.I too have been trying to decide on a scope to use.I finally decided on a Leupold VX3 8.5-25x50 with fine duplex reticle.I do not plan on using this for anything longer than 5-600 yards this year,but figured might as...
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    Bushnell 6500?

    Has anybody used either one of the Bushnell 6500 s for LR work?I am mostly wondering about using the push/pull turrets for this type of shooting?
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    Internal adjustment on Leupold scope?

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know how much internal adjustment there is on a Leupold VXIII 4.5-14X40.I might have to use this scope on a 6.5-284 for a little while until I can afford a different one. Thanks for your input.
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    Rem 700 CDL stainless fluted in 7mm ?

    I have this rifle in the blued version,and it will put 168 Berger VLDs under 1/2" @100.I haven't done anything to the rifle except lighten the trigger a little bit.
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    XR 100 Barrel Diameter

    Hi Guys, Could anyone tell me if the XR 100 barrel will fit in the SPS Varmint stock? Thanks in advance
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    Question on A-Max bullets in .243

    I bought some 105 gr. A-Max bullets to shoot in my CZ 550(1-10 twist I think) .243.I don't have a Hornady book so I was using info for the Sierra 107 gr. MK bullet.The only powder I've tried so far is Varget.I now realize that my 1-10 twist might not work for these bullets.My first group was...
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    7MM Loads

    I just started shooting my Remington 700 Boone & Crockett 7 Rem. Mag.(9 1/4 twist).I had planned on re-chambering it to 7STW,but I think I will shoot it for awhile like this and see how it works.I picked up some Sierra 160 HPBTs today.I'm wondering if any body has any good loads for starters...
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    Picking a new rifle

    Hello Everyone, I am planning on putting together a rig to shoot deer and possibly elk out to about 700 yards.I want something that will be light enough to carry for long periods though.I am leaning towards a Rem. 700 CDL in 7mm Rem. and getting it chambered to the 7 STW.For glass I am...