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    Tikka barrel swap

    I did a Tikka build with a 24” Proof Carbon Sendero prefit and the Mesa Precision stock. 24” Proof barrel weighed 2 lbs 9.5 oz (never did weigh the factory barrel). Total weight came in right at 6.5 lbs. You can probably make the factory stock work but I’m guessing it will be less than ideal...
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    Best LR hunting recticle

    Unless you’re an MOA guy, you need to look no further than this list here.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leica CRF 1200

    Up for sale is a Leica CRF 1200. Lenses are perfect and rangefinder is in excellent shape. Only selling because I upgraded to the Box, lanyard, and case included. $275 shipped TYD in the lower 48.
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    Shipping barrelled actions, full rifles.

    I bought this Plano arrow case to ship my barreled actions in. Then I went to Walmart and bought a foam mattress topper for about $8 and cut it to fit the inside of the case. I think you could fit at least a 26” barreled action in there...
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    Leupold V5HD 3-15x44 enough MOA

    The Leupold ZL2 turret (Zero Lock, 2 Turn) limits you to 2 rotations. 20 MOA on the first rotation and 18 MOA on the second rotation. It won’t necessarily matter if you add a 20 MOA base WITH THIS SCOPE because you will still be limited to the 2 turns and 38 MOA of elevation. Regardless of where...
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    Leupold V5HD 3-15x44 enough MOA

    I’m not sure on the VX Line if there is any way to defeat the 2 turn turret. The reality is with most modern cartridges 38 MOA gets you way out there. I’m sure I’ll get beat up for this but If I was regularly dialing to 30 MOA plus or if I was wanting to go farther than 38 MOA then I would most...
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    Leupold V5HD 3-15x44 enough MOA

    Maybe. Maybe not. That scope has 75 MOA of total elevation so if he’s sighted in at the center of adjustment he’d have 37.5 MOA. The ZL2 turret will limit him to a maximum of 38 MOA. A 20 MOA rail may net him nothing at all.
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    Leupold V5HD 3-15x44 enough MOA

    The VX-5HD (and all Leupold’s ZL2 scopes) is a 2 turn turret, 20 MOA on the first turn and 18 MOA on the second. Max elevation you’ll have is 38 MOA.
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    Nightforce NX8 announcement

    Never mind, I found them.
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    Nightforce NX8 announcement

    Doug, any chance you know the prices on these yet?
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    Are there good, lightweight scopes with reliable tracking?

    I mean no disrespect to anyone, but it always cracks me up when someone brings up a great warranty as part of the scopes dialing “system”. It’s like saying “Don’t worry if your truck stops steering, Chevrolet will take care of you”. What happens to you BEFORE they do? A warranty doesn’t do you...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3X Stock

    Stock is SPF.
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    Did Cabelas close their stores during covid 19 outbreak ????????

    Looks like they did here in the Northwest.