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    Vibrating or Rotary Tumbler

    I love my tumbler. It’s a harbor freight model. It would be perfect for a small space. You can get one with one or two drums. I believe they market them as rock polishers. The only thing I don’t like about them is if you just need to clean the lube off of the cases. They’re a little cumbersome...
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    For Sale 700 la, 6.5x284 26" mcgowen, McMillian

    Was the action blueprinted?
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    Hammer Hunter Load Data, (See page 1, Post 8)

    Alright, I loaded up 5 rounds at 102 grains today to see how they would group. Naturally, I shot terribly. On two shots, I flinched right before the shot broke, and as a result I have two fliers. The other three shots felt perfect and made one ragged hole. Here’s a pic of the target. I thinks...
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    Hammer Hunter Load Data, (See page 1, Post 8)

    That’s what I was thinking. I thought maybe I’d shoot groups at 101 or 102 grain. What are your thoughts?
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    Hammer Hunter Load Data, (See page 1, Post 8)

    Here is a pic of the target with the nine shots. Keep in mind, it was with the magnetospeed and had a 400 FPS variance.
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    Hammer Hunter Load Data, (See page 1, Post 8)

    Ok, guys, I need a little advice. I’m working on a load for my Remington Semdero 7 RUM. Here are the specs: 143g hammer hunter Virgin ADG brass Federal 215m primers N570 powder 3.850” COAL Steve recommended I start at 94 grains, so I did and used that to zero my scope. Then I attached the...
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    Quickload software

    Wish you could run it on a Mac.
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    For Sale Alliant and Accurate Powder at Powder Valley

    I think their website went down. I get a bad gateway error.
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    Info on who carries ADG brass?

    Not sure if scheels will ship outside the states, but that’s where I’ve been getting my ADG brass from.
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    For Sale Remington 700 trigger

    Fired less than 20 rounds. Never been adjusted. $55 TYD
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    For Sale Free components for kids

    I’ve also got tons of .308 brass I’d be willing to pitch in for a youngster.
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    Harris Bipod 12-25”

    Does this have notched legs?
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    Not LR Rifle but Beretta 686 20ga.

    I sent you a PM.
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    Recommendations for a 4-30x56 style scope

    Could be. I haven’t looked through it in low light conditions yet. But I think most that’s lost on a 30mm tube vs 34mm is a few elevation clicks.