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    Curious Question: 300RUM

    I hit 3150 in a 300 RUM with and 26” barrel and the Berger 230s and rl33. It was a fairly hot load, so I backed it down to 3050 with the same accuracy.
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    I need help/suggestions!

    Is an iPhone good enough to film and learn something from, or does it take higher powered equipment?
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    Camera Land's 4th Of July Sale Today - July 6th

    Any deals on a nightforce atacr?
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    338 RUM 250 Berger

    I shoot mine 20 thou off.
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    Mark V Deluxe: use for semi custom build or buy new?

    I haven’t done the build as of yet. I’m still gathering all the parts I need. I don’t think your stock will work for me as my barrel is a heavier profiled barrel.
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    Mark V Deluxe: use for semi custom build or buy new?

    I’d build a semi custom with it. I bought a shot out mark v Alaskan just for the action to do a build on. They are very strong actions. If you decide to go that route, I may be interested in your stock depending on the barrel contour.
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    Looking for some direction on some .338 RUM loads.

    I didn’t have any luck with Retumbo and the 250 Bergers in my 338 RUM. RL33 was very good and vv N570 was even better. Feel free to PM me and I can share my Quickload data with you.
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    Let me know if the 338 elite hunters deal falls through. I’ll take seconds.
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    What light for coyote hunting?

    I’m looking at getting a red light for coyote hunting. What are y’all using and recommend? I don’t want one that mounts on the scope. We always hunt in pairs. I’m looking for a lightweight, handheld unit that’s adjustable from floor to spot.
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    Help with new magneto speed numbers

    I can’t say for sure, but I wouldn’t adjust the charge weights any. I also wouldn’t bump the shoulders back unless you have a hard bolt close on an empty case. As long as the case fits and the bolt closes easily, I’d neck size only. My prediction is your 63.2 group will be the best.
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    For Sale Atlas bipods V8 BT10-LW17 & BT10

    Been looking at these since you posted them. Sure wish they were the 9-13” model. Free bump.
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    Barnes TSX bullets

    I don’t have any experience with the match bullets from Barnes, but I do use their 168 grain TTSX out of a 16” barreled 308 on hogs and they are deadly. About 200 to 250 is as far as I’ve killed anything with them.
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    Which Poison to pick!

    Can’t go wrong with a 300 RUM. With a 4” wyatts mag box, you won’t have any trouble. My 300 RUM loads are around 3.9” coal with the 230 grain Bergers.
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    Help with new magneto speed numbers

    60.6 to 61.2 looks decent. You very well could have a better node at 62.7 to 63 or so. If you didn’t see any signs of pressure, I would keep going up until you do. Typically, I find my best node just before pressure signs start showing up. My guess is, if you shoot 63.3, you’ll find your node.
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    Help with new magneto speed numbers

    Man I’ve tried your exact approach at 100 yards and there wasn’t a big enough difference in POI to glean any useful information. Just so I’m clear, you are looking for a cluster of similar POI, not a flat spot in velocities. Is that correct?

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