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    Field Pics

    Man-thats some great camo- all I can see is the gun.:D
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    Give Away Contest - Savage Trophy Hunter XP Rifle Package

    I have never won anything in my life.
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    Flatline Ops Give Away Contest

    Enter me in the Flat Line OPS Give Away Contest. Bill Maylor..
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    Venson Jerky

    You just reminded me, I need to make me another batch. I just love that stuff.
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    My first Hog!

    Thanks for the nice comments guys! I wasn't going to get him mounted but my wife talked me into it. Gerald Hammock did a nice job. I have to move some Deer around to put him in the Man's room. I dont know how long the tusks were when they were pulled. They were solid and the taxidermist said you...
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    Walk ans stalk bush pig

    I smell some BBQ!
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    My first Hog!

    Just got the Hog back. Mounted by Gerald Hammock Panama City, FL.
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    Looking for advice, $2100 to spend on first scope.

    I like the Zeiss Victory!! Ya ca'nt go wrong with that glass Eddybo. Bill Maylor..
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    Best scope for around $300

    2ed on the SWFA SS great scope for the money!! Bill Maylor..
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    Best cabelas scope under 500

    I take the Zeiss with me on that trip!gun) I dont own a Vortex Viper, But they are also on the list for $500 or less and are very well liked on this site. Bill Maylor..
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    Camera Land Give Away - Zen-Ray Binoculars

    Enter Me In The Camera Land Zen-Ray Binocular Contest
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    GIVE AWAY CONTEST - "How To Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" Video

    Enter Me in the How to Dope The Wind-Beyond Belief Contest Video
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    Berger Bullets Give Away Contest

    Enter me in the Berger Bullets Contest
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    One shot one kill with a fat wallet[IMG]

    One shot one kill with a fat wallet[IMG]

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