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    Tikka T3x Recoil - Suitable for Youth?

    I would say go with the tikka t3x 243. they have an improved recoil pad over the t3 so they say. Good luck and thank you for being recoil sensitive to a new shooter.
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    Rookie to Wyoming

    I have used tight leather gloves from my time in the Marines. They don’t affect anything I do but they need to be the right kind and fit -deer hide gloves works the best for me.
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    Tikka t3 lite 308 load

    I use R15 for my 308 with 165 accubonds shoots nice in my tikka t3x lite
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    Looking for a new caliber please help. Lol

    I would vote tikka t3x I bought one and worked up hand loads 3/8 @100 in 308 but I also agree with sticking with the same rifle you have -savage your comfortable with it and it’s like training no matter what rifle you are shooting. If have 3 tikka t3 for that reason. So nothing feels odd and...
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    SELLER: muddyboots

    I bought 300 WM dies where he was a great guy to deal with and very accommodating and fast shipper. I would not hesitate ever doing a transaction with him again. A big thumbs up!!
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    Reloading starter kit?

    Glad to see interest from a young person today
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    Options to rebarrel 30-06

    JES is the same company that did my 338-06 I use Nosler partitions 210 Grain
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    Options to rebarrel 30-06

    I would bore it out to a 338-06 I love mine more than I thought I would
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    Boots for Pronghorn Hunting

    I wear danner elk hunter - firm believer in danner. I have worn them for 35 years starting when I enlisted in the U.S.M.C
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    Paralax adjustment, what am I doing wrong?

    I have a Leupold veri x 3i 4.5x15x40 and it’s new to me. I called and asked technical service from Leupold and they stated use my side focus knob to adjust parrelex. I adjust side focus to my target till it’s focused and it’s set. Also don’t pay attention to the knob settings since they are...