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    NM Buck

    Coolest buck I have ever seen!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Need some advise on a caliber for Elk hunt

    Yep send it!
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    Favorite deer rifle

    Mine is basic with M 700 in a 300 Win a different trigger. Nothing too fancy but it drops the Muley’s. Running a Berger 185 with great results. Always come back to the gun because of my confidence in it.
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    Opinions on elk bullet for 300 win

    If your current load for the 225 m is dialed in I would run that
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    What’s the best deer hunting scope for under $500?

    I like that diamondback tactical in FFP. My brother just put that on a tikka t3 and it’s a shooter! Really out to 200 yards a basic 3-9 would fit the bill.
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    Wheeler FAT wrench digital or analog????

    Analogue is the one I use. I have no complaints. I just let down the torque after use.
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    Loads for Barnes 168 TTSX in Tikka 300 Win Mag

    I am using IMR 4831. I use it currently and there is better powders I’m sure, but it shoots so well and constant. I find myself asking “why change a good thing.” I also have a nosler partition load I use on another 300 and it is with RL19 no complaints. Hope it helps 👍
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    A MUST have for me on any hunt, and is always with me.

    In my experience working in the ER Aspirin 324 is indicated for any person with chest pain. Nitro is not always indicated. If you give it and it’s a right ventricular main stem it can decrease the preload and after load causing making your BP to tank and you to go into a Vfib arrest. We always...
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    Who is your favorite hunting influencer?

    I like a lot of the ones mentioned above. A couple I didn’t see is Stuck in the Rut Melissa Bachman Brian call Gritty Limitless outdoors Gunwerks To add to the list.
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    Remington UML whos shooting anything other than sabots ?

    Congrats on the purchase! You’ll love it. I will only run BH209. I don’t have the UML. I run the paramount, but BH209 is so much cleaner running. I run 30 shots or more with out clean my gun and my groups keep getting tighter and tighter. Also doesn’t make it harder to load your projectile...