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    God help us thread

    Amen.....taking my guns will not stop any crime. I guess if we are going to argue over 20 round mags, we might as well toss in computers, phones and social media to take away free speech.
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    God help us thread

    Please explain how the mother country these people come from, that have never set foot here, do the samething? Seems to be in their DNA.
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    My best archery buck to date

    Congrats that is a nice buck. Thanks for sharing with us.
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    Mountain Lion Attack stopped in the deer woods...close call!

    She is one cool cucumber! I would have soiled myself and cried. Great job raising an amazing woman!
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    DIY Carbon fiber barrel?

    I think most of us are " what if I....". This hobby is kinda based on that thought line. We are always tinkering with loads, barrel lengths, optics or cartridge choice. There are so many ways to improve......or make worse any part of this.
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    Turkish Terminus Zeus

    That is amazing to say the least. I love a wood stock on a rifle that is blued. Great work as usual.
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    DIY Carbon fiber barrel?

    I should have known if I thought of this someone else already had. I have a Dan Wesson and have always thought their barrel set up was really well thought out. Maybe the system would would to switch barrels like remage.
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    DIY Carbon fiber barrel?

    Since you are experiencing. How about machining the barrel down to allow a cf tube to seat at the camber end and thread the muzzle to accept a battle nut or brake to preload the tension on the barrel? Kinda like the Dan Wesson revolver.
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    Building your own laminated stock

    Use marine epoxy. There are different activators for longer set up and cure time.
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    Burbon Tonight !

    Sorry to hear this Rum Man. I had my appendix rupture and tested positive for covid at the same time. A week later I was in the er with pneumonia, cobie and bacterial infection. I spent 8 days in the hospital and still trying to get my strength back. I will have a drink for you and keep you in...
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    BLASPHEMY ???????????????

    No matter what you do someone will have a bitch about it.....prove me wrong
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    Got it done, with my late Uncle's .243

    Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on your kill. Money can't buy times like this. I am sure your uncle is smiling in heaven.
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    338 build advice

    You can get factory stamped brass now for the Sherman 338 ss and max.