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    Finally pulled the plug on a reliable scope

    Good for you!!! I’ve never regretted buying quality products...the real waste of money is buying cheap stuff.
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    6.5-300 vs 7stw

    I’ve had a 7mm STW and currently have a 6.5-300. I’ve shot a lot of game with both....the 6.5-300 has been really easy to load for, gets good speed and accuracy with high BC bullets and kills well. Of the two, I’ve found the 6.5-300 the most forgiving.
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    Any accuracy difference between push feed and CRF actions?

    I once owned a mod 70 7mm WSM where the side pressure from the extractor caused the case to expand somewhat elliptically, so cases needed to be full length resized each time. If I marked the case and reinserted it in the same position it would chamber ok. Had to send it back for rectification.
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    Nevada Bull

    Awesome man... well done!!!
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    Should I buy ATN scope?

    My ATN has been faultless but the system has a couple of drawbacks... One issue I have is the lasting bright rectangle in my scope eye if used too much in the dark. Another issue is the ATN is not good in dusty conditions, image quality drops off dramatically. My next step will be Thermal.
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    What all copper .338 bullet for Bison?

    I use 234gr Outer Edge BBT’s on camels that can weigh upwards of 1200 lbs....
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    It’s very hard to stop the tips deforming. Best to choose bullets without exposed lead tips. Woodleigh’s protected points and Nosler’s accubonds are good in this regard.
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    Long range deer bear combo hunt

    The 7mm carries more energy, sure... but the extra diameter of the 300 is significant in the real world, even if it’s not the case in theory.
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    Long range deer bear combo hunt

    Your 300 Win Mag is more portable, and the extra bullet diameter will hit a little harder at normal ranges.
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    Help! What big 30cal?

    300 RUM without hesitation..... I also have a Win Mag and Weatherby Mag
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    Funny thing is, the model of my swag is “King Brown”
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    Rolling my swag out on a flat bit of ground under the stars gives me the best sleep ever.
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    Bought a .270 Today

    My favourite 270 has been with me for 38 years, and has fired over 7000 rounds. It’s an early Rem 700 and under its slight recoil my thumb has worn the checkering off across the tang. Also where my other thumb sits alongside the barrel, the checkering is all but gone. The 270 mightn’t be perfect...
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    I didn't want to be "That guy"

    It’s great you could help. It’s often a case of not just what we say, but how we say it.
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    6.5-300 WBY

    I would like to try US869 but can’t find any down here. I use ADI2218, equivalent to H50BMG. Retumbo is a bit fast for me with heavy bullets and a short throated 29” bbl.