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    SOLD/EXPIRED KRG Bravo - Rem SA footprint

    How heavy is this rig?
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    Prices lowered - Stocks Manners, McMillan

    What does stock #1 weigh?
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    Burris Veracity 5-25x50

    Do you still have this?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/WTT 7mm 168 Nosler Accubond LR

    I have 187, 7mm 168 grain Nosler Accubond Long Range bullets. Will sell for $95 shipped or will trade straight across for 300, 7mm 162 grain Amax or 200, 6.5mm 140 grain Berger hybrids.
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    Anyone own a 7mm 300 Win Mag?

    300 yards and just kissing the lands. I've got 9 of load #6 loaded. 3 each at .065, .070, & .075 off the lands. Gonna shoot them at 300 to see what happens
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    Anyone own a 7mm 300 Win Mag?

    Well here's the results of my 8 round ladder test with the 168 LRAB. The verticle spread on em wasn't bad, a little over 1 MOA for the ones in the node. The horizontal was really bad though, over 5 MOA. Even at 81 grains there wasn't significant flattening of the primer even though the bolt lift...
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    Anyone own a 7mm 300 Win Mag?

    Thanks Elk Hunter!! That's the info I was looking for. I've got an 8 round ladder test loaded up with the bullets setting at the lands to try and find a true max load and hopefully an accuracy node somewhere. If it gives me some viable info I'll start fiddling more with seating depth. I've got...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington triggers 1 xmark pro and 1 old style and Vortex bubble level 35mm

    I'll give you $40 shipped for the old trigger if its a flat back blade.
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    Anyone own a 7mm 300 Win Mag?

    Chuck it's a #5 Douglas and I think you may be right. It took a bit to get the AMAX's where I wanted em. The bolt lift is a bit heavy and the primers are somewhat flat but I finally hit the node with them at 82 grains of H1000. My chrony clocks em at 3440 with ~20 fps ES. I'll try a 500 yard...
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    Anyone own a 7mm 300 Win Mag?

    Is anybody having any luck with the 168 Nosler Accubond Long Range in this cartridge? I've been trying a few and the results so far have been awful. 3 MOA at 200 yards at the worst and 1-1/2 MOA at its best. I've tried em at .010, .015, and .020 jump. I'm going to .100 jump next as I read a...
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    !05 Amax and 105 BTHP 6mm

    I shoot, and have had good results with, both. The actual BC on the BTHP's is a little lower than stated. I came up with .510 in my rifle. Both bullets shoot about 1/2-3/4 MOA out to 800 for me. I really don't think you can go wrong with either bullet.
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    257 Weatherby Magnum..advice please

    No. I've had no problems and have loaded some of the brass up to 8 times.