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    Want To Buy 375 ULTRA BRASS

    I might have some Remington once fired laying around..let me know how much and if your in need
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    Cannot find large size, 14EEEE uninsulated hunting boots

    Russell moccasin company... will not be a PAC boot--but will fit you...
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    25-06 still getting it done

    I will date myself a bit. The first gun I bought with my own money was a tang safety M77 V in 25-06 from B.B. Pawn in Abilene Texas. It was a shooter-Bailey (the owner)helped me out with a nice used Redfield accutrac scope and I shot about everything that moved South west of Abilene from about...
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    Want To Buy Bushnell LRTS 3-12x44

    I have a 3x12 LRHS in mil...
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    Time to cut some weight.

    I went ADL style bottom metal, save every ounce you can if you want to build light. Building light is not cheap...for what it cost to skeleton "ize" you can probably by a defiance AnTi action...lots of good light weight stock options out there to from Manners, AG and others, ADL usually save a...
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    25-06 still getting it done

    25-06 is still a favorite... between it and a 257 WBY mag--still wacks a lot of stuff around here.
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    P14 300 Norma Mag Improved?

    A pattern 14 will Hold just about anything with the proper old gunsmith Tip Burns built a beautiful 505 Gibbs on a pattern was a lot of metal work but worked...I have seen 500 Jeffery built, hell even seen a 577 t-Rex built on one...think it will hang with about any round you...
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    6.5 PRC Barrel Length (22" or 24")

    I would not build longer 22 inches...20-22 inches is perfect for a mountain rifle...
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    338 Sherman max vs 338 WSM

    I love is a lot of thump that is usable. With a 18-20 in barrel and a suppressor and a 225-230 grain is awesome about 90% of 338 win with a barrel that is 4-6 inches shorter...yeah I bought 350 pieces of brass so I should be good for some time...
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    338 Sherman max vs 338 WSM

    What I was thinking RCMs are way off that...with 225 monos CEB lasers I barely get 2700...but mine are out of 20 in barrels
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    338 Sherman max vs 338 WSM

    I shoot 285 ELDs in my 338 Norma...I have a 1-9.4 proof 24 in...and my load at 2,000 feet elevation is 2755 is not extreme by any means but not on the lower end either...