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    Hornady CX- New 2021

    I'm pretty sure these are less aerodynamic than the GMXs. IIRC the G1 of the 270 130gr GMX was .460. The CX is advertised as .4. Likewise the lighter 7mm bullet was .48 and is now .43. Maybe its just Hornady adjusting their BC to be more accurate, but that seems like a huge drop. Hopefully these...
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    What is it with the 270 wsm

    I just got a roughtech Tikka which has just a touch more beef in the barrel. That along with a limbsaver makes a 270wsm tikka a very nice rifle to shoot. My dad preferred shooting it to his 7mm-08 tikka with the factory "pad".
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    Alpine Supreme Mauser build

    So it seems like 284 win is considered a little too fat to function cleanly? I would be fine with a 280ai, although I guess the way that case is blown out might cause issues. 280 rem? I guess I could step it down to a 6.5 too (avoiding 270 as I have a nice 270 already). Whichever stock I go...
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    Alpine Supreme Mauser build

    Bottom metal is steel. I don't see any markings on the tang, or the receiver at all for that matter apart from the British proof mark and two numbers. I did find a mark on the bottom metal that is FDI followed by a stamp that is a B, a heart shaped symbol of some sort, and an S in a circle...
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    Alpine Supreme Mauser build

    Hi All, I have a commercial Mauser action based rifle that I'd like to make into something. Its got a broken stock (how I got it) but I'd also like to get it rebarreled to something with better reach (it is currently chambered in 308.) I am envisioning something of a range gun that is still...