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    Need advice on caliber for Moose and bear in Alaska.

    Try a .338 win mag off the shelf. The best advice I can give you and probably more important than the type of gun or optics you bring is this - get in the best shape you can. Alaska is tough and most successful hunting is done on foot.
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    Alaska Moose hunt can anyone recomend an outfitter?

    How was your moose hunt? Did you go and if so with who. Thanks
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    DIY Alaska moose help

    Be happy to help - Float hunts for non residents hunters in Alaska are very limited these days because a lot native corporations and villages have pushed for non resident hunting closures along river corridors that native Alaskans frequent. The Nushagak and Kuskukwim river drainages are two...
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    Self-guided Dall/Stone-sheep hunt possible?

    Buy a raffle tickets at the GSCO convention for a hundred bucks. Odds are not good, but where else can you get a sheep hunt for a hundred buck raffle ticket.
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    Dall sheep or mountain goat - which is a better hunt?

    If you are an Alaska resident - the money is the same for goat or sheep if you do it yourself. Sheep hunting is better in Canada than Alaska unless you draw a sheep permit in an intensively managed sheep area (ie Tok) in Alaska. Goats with long fur can be taken off of boat with minimal climbing...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Left Handed Bill Wiseman 300 win mag

    For sale by original owner Bill Wiseman 300 win. synthetic stock, fluted barrel, 5 round clip, built on a tikka action, sub 1"moa 3x10 leupold vx3 Long range gun with enough knock down power for big game $2,500 we pay shipping in the U.S.