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    Want To Buy Leupold 1” high std rings

    I'm sure I have a set. I'll look tomorrow.
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    Want To Buy Leupold 1” high std rings

    Dovetail or pic?
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    Absolute hammer bullets and sever overbore chambers

    The speed of a bullet doesn't make the barrel will wear out faster.
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    Honoring the gun/shootin/hunting, etc., pioneers ...

    John Lazzeroni. John and Roy are basically the only two that created their own cartridges and didn't just modify something that was already done.
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    375 rum hunting bullet

    What ranges? Hard to beat an A-frame or a Partition for 90% of hunting scenarios.
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    300 PRC ti barreled action- $2400

    Ejection port angles and the bolt handle are the giveaway...either way it's an excellent rifle at a good price. Lee makes a fine rifle!
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    300 PRC ti barreled action- $2400

    Interesting. It looks nothing like a Pierce and is even called a Lone Rock...but who knows.
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    300 PRC ti barreled action- $2400

    I think OMR uses Lone Peak actions?
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    I just read that over 45,000 hunters applied...
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    If a gunsmith ruins the action getting the barrel off then he shouldn't be a gunsmith. Rebarrel with a 1/8 or a 1/7 with the same contour as factory and rock on.
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    I'd tell that guide to go pound sand if I'm doing a cull hunt on public land for the NPS.
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    Yup! Once I read all the fine print I was like...I'M OUT!
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    First Hammers

    The hammer hunters you can use Nosler reloading data for a starting point.
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    A RUM question

    Wyatt's extended mag box.
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    Titanium action with steel lugs

    Not that I'm aware of.