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    Chronograph chronographed?

    For what happened, I got lucky - I was shooting over my Chrony (green folding model) and I had the set up closer than I prefer due to a hill in front of my shooting position. A stout gust spun the unit on the tripod just as I pulled the trigger on my 300 WSM. The chrony rotated on the tripod...
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    Help Choosing A Precision AR Caliber

    Believe it or not - I have gotten some of the best accuracy from an AR out of an 18" PSA 6.5 Grendel upper I bought on a whim. I am still working on load development, but I have had good luck with 130gr Berger Hybrids and 130gr ELDMs, both with CFE 223. Its definitely more expensive to shoot...
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    AI prairie dog barrel

    A few years ago, I built a 22-243 with a 26" Shilen 1:8 ratchet rifled barrel, APA brake on a Savage SA. With 43.5gr of H4831sc I get 3240 fps with 88gr ELDm's which give me better results than the 90 Bergers. The gun is about 13 lbs and with the APA brake, I have no trouble spotting hits at...
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    Leaving a lot of the 22-250 on cutting room floor

    JSKI- I was in your exact shoes about 10 years ago. I started shooting at distance hunting prairie dogs for a rancher that considered PD hunting on his land a favor. I was shooting my .204 Ruger with 40 gr bullets and was doing better than my friends with their 22-250's shooting 45 gr bullets...
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    "Match" Chamber?

    Well - coincidentally, I just bought a couple of barrels from NSS. I spoke to James, the sales guy, who was very helpful and knowledgeable, and I asked him what the "Match" chamber was for the .243 AI in their Criterion Barrel, since that was one of the barrels on my shopping list. He told me...
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    My boy at 1100 yds on steel! Just bragging

    Well done KPK and son! Thanks for sharing the story and the video. I think there are no better ambassadors for our sport than our youngsters having a great time with their parents who take the time to show them how to enjoy the shooting sports in a safe and responsible way.