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    308 norma to 30-338 win

    I have done it. Works fine. Isn't as good as the Lapua 338 Win Mag brass but once it disappeared, I tried the Norma. As JE Custom stated, you'll need to run it through a FL 30-338 die in order get them to chamber. The shoulder is a little too far forward to chamber in my 30-338 rifles. Once...
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    Re#33 discontinued

    It might not be listed in their Product section but there are loads in the Reloader's Guide. Kevin
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    Wildcat Quick Load Question

    mbundy - I'd appreciate that. Send me a PM with an email address and I'll send you a chamber print. Kevin
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    Wildcat Quick Load Question

    I'd be curious as to what your fire formed case capacity will run. How does a 338 Norma Mag case compare to the 338 Lapua for case capacity? Obviously you are going to gain some by improving it when you neck it up to 35 cal. I agree with you about using starting loads for the 416 Dakota...
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    Brux bbls are fast bbls

    You are shooting a 139 gr bullet at 3550 fps from a 7mm WSM? That is faster than a 7mm RUM. Something isn't right.
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    How long is the bearing surface of the Berger 308 cal 215 Hybrid?

    0.419" is what is stated in the Reference Sheet on Berger's web site for the 308 cal. 215 gr. Hybrid bullet for bearing surface length. I imagine that is where he got it from.
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    Wildcat Quick Load Question

    My father is having a wildcat rifle finished up in 416 Lapua (338 Lapua necked up to 416 with no other changes). Since there isn't any data out there for this cartridge, I wanted to use Quick Load to give me a starting point for power type (burn speed) and a starting charge. Now to my...
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    Flattened Primer Question for 300 RUM

    I've used Federal primers exclusively for years and have always found them to flatten more than CCI or REM running at similar pressures. They appear to be softer, requiring less pressure to flatten them than the others. How well your primer pockets hold up is a better indicator as to your...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS Rem 300RUM brass new **** SOLD****

    Re: FS Rem 300RUM brass new 50 ct or 100 ct bag? Kevin
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    6mm br build

    I use Wilson SS neck sizer and seater (comes with micrometer top) for both my 6mm BR and 22 BR. I really like the micrometer on the seater for messing with seating depths. Kevin
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    Aa 3100 discontinued

    Nothing to my knowledge. MagPro is slower and ball. I'm in the same boat as you and am considering trying IMR 4831. Old burn rate charts show A-3100 right next to it. Sorry.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Bolts!

    I'll take the top one - LA Standard BF. PM me with payment details. Kevin
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    .338 Cal. (.339 Dia. Bullets )???

    That is a typo on Midway's web page. Lapua shows them on their web page as being 0.338" in diameter - NOT 0.339". Kevin