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    Viht N570

    Would you consider shipping some? I’ll pay all shipping and fees
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    Viht N570

    desperate and would buy any amount right now from a pound to a 8 lb container I know it’s a longshot but hoping someone can spare some TIA
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    Nightforce atacr

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    Wts nightforce atacr 5-25

    FFP or SPF? Interested
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    Swarovski Habicht AT 80

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    Swarovski Habicht AT 80

    $900 shipped
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    Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 MOAR-T C509 BNIB

    This second focal point?
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    Swarovski Habicht AT 80

    quality Swarovski spotter and Vanguard Tripod, neoprene cover with lense covers Has a couple scuffs from normal backpacking and use but lenses are scratch free and perfect $1000 for all included shipping and insurance anywhere
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    Bottom metal???

    building a couple 338 Norma’s using a Lone Peak 338 Razor TI action in a Manners Stock What bottom metal and follower would be a good combo?
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    338 Norma Mag

    SOLD!!! Thx for the interest
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    338 Norma Mag

    Yes $3000
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    338 Norma Mag

    This rifle has also has been steel bedded from the action to the recoil lug it’s a shooter
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    Caliber choice help

    Why 300 RUM?
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    338 Norma Mag

    custom 338 Norma Mag built by Carbon Six, Stiller TAC 338 action, 26”Carbon Six Magnum contour carbon wrapped barrel, Stiller bottom metal and follower, TriggerTech trigger, Terminator T4 brake, Iota Kremlin stock w/limb saver recoil pad, Vortex 5-25 ffp gen 2 scope and Hawkins 25 moa rings...