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    rem 788 44 mag info please

    I have had a 44 mag built want to use it as a treestand, rifle need some help finding good rifle loads . It seems to shoot 240 hp,s pistol ammo well just want a littel more power thanks:)
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    i have one on hand and use it alot had one built in 94 rem short 28 inch kreiger shot 100gr bt 56.5 r22 just touching lands my go to load 15 yrs latter still dropping yotes up here in alberta like crasy u will not be dissapoined with your build i,m sure regards Tedgun)gun)
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    25Cal. bear bullet decison?

    shot bears northern alberta for years with 25-06 25-284 257 roy all with 120gr grandslams drt no disapointmentsgun)
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    700 trigger

    thanks kevin for the info i have spair triggers i am going to change it out:D
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    700 trigger

    i do not like rems new trigger is it possible to convert back to a bdl trig from the 80s thks u guys:)
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS Shilen Select Match 7mm barrel

    can u send to canada thanks 25-284 alberta
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    looking for a 'smithy

    give karl a call 780 437 1090
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    looking for a 'smithy

    my pick karl k.s arms edmontongun)
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    shortage of primers

    gun)im looking forward to chatting with very knowlidgeble reloaders
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    shortage of primers

    gun)having a hard time getting fed primmers

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