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    Mar 10, 2006
    I recently went on an antelope hunt with Tyler Simms Outfitters in unit 42, about an hour NW of Laramie.

    Tyler is a nice young man,23yrs old, as are his guides.

    It is an Awesome deal. I did some research and found unit 42 in Eastman's Hunting Journal MRS section and it is labeled a blue chip area. This means that is a trophy area.
    The hunt includes 3 days hunting, all meals, 2x1guide, and transportation during the hunt.
    It is also on all private land!! The camp house is nice and clean as well.

    The hunt costs $1400 for everything.

    My buddy and I both got a buck and doe tag and filled them both.

    My buddy shot a freak with horns sticking straight out.

    I shot a nice 14" buck, at 600yds in a 2/3 value 30mph wind. He dropped in his tracks.
    There were bigger ones, but I just got an itchy trigger finger and couldn't resist. It was my first antelope.

    The best thing is that Tyler is extremely

    In fact he is building a long range 338 to help promote long range shooting and will have the rifle available for hunters to try.

    I will postpics when I can.

    Here's his website:

    Hunting Wyoming | Antelope Hunting | Elk Hunting | Deer Hunting | Tyler Sims Outfitting

    Here's a pic:

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    I look forward to seeing pictures of your 14 inch. Did you get an overall score? Nice shot BTW. At 600yds with a 30mph wind is good work.

    Niceville, FL