wello kyhareraiser has finally made it back

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    Jun 12, 2010
    sorry for the short fall everyone but i have had a bad mishap..my old computer went ka-ploweeeee and took every favorite i had with it .. thank goodness LRH sent me an e-mail concerning the flyer of midway's ..this way i got the name back and it jogged my memory so i just added a .com to it and wa-la here i am again... i'd say i missed a bunch of good stuff so i will be doing some catchup for awhile ...can't wait to get the swing of things again.i got so much useful info here b4 and i was taking it to the range and taking my partners to the cleaners .. i just recently started shooting again and have a couple rifles ready for deer season ..308win and 30-06 .the choice will be hard this season.. well glad to be back ,gonna go look arround abit..thank's for the notice :D