Traveling To Canada With A DUI

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    One of the things I took away from the show in Harrisburg was the fact that traveling to Canada is not like it was even a few years ago. There were a lot of stories of people being sent back at the border because of a DUI or other crimes. If you are planning a trip north be sure to check on your eligibilty to enter the country. The customs website lists different ways to get in and what can keep you out but in the end it is up to the customs agent if you get in or not. The Maine bear hunters were doing well at the show and I had at least a half dozen people tell me they will never visit Canada again because of them or somebody they know being sent home.
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    It's been that way for a number of years, albeit not with consistancy, but 9/11 changed that.

    It has happened in both directions too. Canadians turned back because they have an inpaired driving conviction (DUI). Remember that it is a criminal offence.

    In Canada we can get a pardon after 5 years of staying out of trouble.