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  1. jeff 300

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Is every one having a hard time find supplies. I haven't found any 338 300gr smk any where and the primers supplies are a joke. i did get lucky and found some of those at my local store and picked up 6000. but was told when there gone that's it for a while. I'm thinking about going and getting 6000 more. Sportsman warehouse was cleaned out of every thing this past weekend powder,primers,bullet, dies all gone. i couldn't even fined a set of 308 dies in three store in San Antonia,TX sportsman's, bass pro, or cabals no dies for a 308 that is crazy. So if you find any thing you use you better buy it right then.
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  2. txlongrange

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    Dec 18, 2007
    I here are low right now. However, keep in mind that stores are doing inventory and won't restock until they do.

    I was at my local Cabela's (Fort Worth) 2 weeks ago and talked to one of the gentlemen in the reloading section. He told me basically what I posted above. Cabela's has finished inventory, but I was back down last weekend (1/24) and they were reorganizing and still not well stocked.

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    Dec 20, 2008

    You have to remember that every one is a little paranoid right now and everyone is also buying up everything. It put a great strain on supplies and suppliers and manufacturers. When everybody calms down the shelves will be stocked up again.

    I spoke with Lonnie Hummel at Hornady and they are running on full tilt trying to keep up with demand on reloading equipment. My guess is that if they are strugeling to keep up, so is every one else.

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    Jan 20, 2009
    Our Sportsmans warehouse and Scheels have a fair ammount of stock, sportsmans was a little more picked over.

    I was at another small shop today and they had primers everywhere and it looked like about any type of the more popular powders a person could need.

    So many people are in the semi panic mode and are inducing some of the increase in cost and lack of supplies.

    Someone that might have bought a pound of powder before is now buying 8 lbs. 500-100 primers and now they're buying 5,000 etc.