Some WC 252 Information

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    Jan 20, 2004
    During my scope fiasco I burned up a bunch of my WC 252gr RBBTs So I purchased some 250 SMKs for load development. (I forgot there are only 50 in a box) Should have bought the Game Kings as they shot 'really' well before the scope went bonkers.

    The rifle likes 75gr RL-22 and FED 215 primers. Brass was 50% neck sized:

    All shots were at 200 yds

    250gr SMKs:
    Velocity = 2796 SD=9
    Typical group is on the below image.
    Published BC is 0.587. 440yd shots were spot on for Drop.

    Loaded 2 yep only 2 WC 252 RBBTs. Same load and case prep. Used the same seating die setting as with the SMK. SMK COL = 3.432 from base to tip. WC COL = 3.400 with the leading edge of the bearing surface "about" were it is w/the SMK (Gotta get one of those comparitor thingers)

    Velocities of the 2 shots was 2784 and 2793

    The 2 shots are shown on the below image. Target was made with a Sharpie and a dime.

    Took the target out to 440yds. Was amazed but I won't post any drop numbers until I reverify things.