Some magnum .338 questions?

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by jayph, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. jayph

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    Jun 7, 2008
    I have long pondered buildinga a .338 Magnum (lapua or Edge) and just had nobody to ask some question's too that owned or shot one. Well I see alot of people using them on this site so I will ask my questions.

    1) With a good break and recoil pad what is the expected recoil. ( I shoot a .300 Win Mag sendero un breaked currently and have no problems with recoil) Will it be quite a bit more than that?

    2) What is the expected barrel life with proper cleaning and without over heating the barrel?

    3) What is a good stock desighn to shoot prone and off hand aswell as handle the recoil? I was thinking of a McMillan A1-3 with heavy fill and 1" sims recoil pad.

    4) Barrel length, I know with the Lapua I have read never less than 27" I was thinking of 28" plus the break is this an ok length or should I go 30"?

    5) What action to use I would like to keep it around 1000.00 for the action I was thinking Stiller Tac .338? What are my options?

    6) Lapua or Edge?

    7) Which style of muzzle break best reduces recoil? I see alot of the gill type, some with the individual holes drilled, And then theres some wild desighns like the jp break that looks like the end of a tank as well as others. Which seems to work the best? Pic of the desighn would be great if you have one.

    Thanks in advance to any who answer I did some searching on the site but figured there might be some new answers or people that didn't answer the other threads.

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  2. davewilson

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    Feb 19, 2004
    as for recoil, my edge with a Holland baffle (gill) style of brake, doesn't kick as hard as my 3006 with a radial hole style of brake on it. i'm a firm believer in the baffle style is the best. i'd get one that's at least 1" in dia. Kirby makes one with baffles angling towards the rear which would probably reduce the most recoil.

    as for stocks, that's a very individual thing, best thing is to get on the ground with the models you are considering.

    barrel length is also a personal thing. the velocity difference between 28 and 30 is very little. most who traverse through woods like shorter barrels. guys that are mainly in open terrain put up with the longer tubes.

    i have an edge and love it. if you're getting a custom action i'd go with the Lapua. the brass is about as good as it gets and you'll get 2-3 times more loadings with it. an improved Lapua can thrown a 300 out at or close to 3000 fps.

    haven't smoked a barrel yet but i'm expecting 2000 or more accurate rounds from my edge.

  3. long450

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    May 5, 2007
    I have had the 338 RUM (Almost an Edge)and have the 338 Lapua. Both were custom builds with hunting in mind. Both had 28" barrels plus muzzle brakes. I still have the Lapua and a freind now owns the 338 Rum. The Rum had a brake with holes and even with the 250 grain bullets provided attention getting recoil. The Lapua with side slotted brake, 300 gr is about like a 30-06 with a 150 gr bullet. I would prefer the 28" barrel if you hunt away from the truck.

    The Lapua is a Lawton 7500 action and a Manners T2 or T4, I can't remember right now, stock. It has the adjustable check piece. I think either of these will work equally well.
  4. BHP9

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    Dec 4, 2007
    I have PGWDTI Timberwolf (.338LM) and the recoil is like shooting an FN FAL. I have girls shoot this and they can handle it.