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    Feb 19, 2004
    i would like to hear from other owner/users of this scope about it's tracking movement. by this i mean how far does it move the POI in regards to how many moa was executed on the turret. i've tested mine on 4 different occassions, on 2 guns, and am convinced it moves about 5% too much. in other words, i shoot 2 groups moving the turret 20 moa vertically between each shot which tells me a lot about the scope. my scope moves the POI about 22" when i turn it 20 moa. it should move it about 21". i sent this scope back to Alan at Sightron and he said it tracks perfect on his machine and mounted it on their 30BR i think it was, and it shot 2 groups exactly 21" apart. i'm not going to call him a liar as he seems to be a great guy, but to be honest, i would have to see this for myself to believe it. i'd like to hear from other 8x32 users how much their scope moves the POI. i really don't want to hear your scope tracks perfectly because you hit something according to what your ballistics program said it should. that doesn't tell me anything. mine repeats very well, i'm only interested in hearing about how much it moves.