Seeking Opinions - New Model 70 Action suitable for semi-custom LR rig?

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  1. 300magman

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    Apr 29, 2010
    After a bit of a break from shooting, I’ve begun to start looking around again for an action to use for a long range target rifle, with the idea of starting to play a bit in F-Class but today it struck me that I might have a cheaper solution.

    I have one of the new model 70 winchester rifles with a decent laminate stock, that I have been using on varmints; and other than the hideous 17lbs of force required to flip the safety, I really do like how it cycles and shoots.
    I could just send the action out to be worked, and get a second barrel made in a target friendly chambering like 6.5x47L

    But, how suitable are the new model 70s to long range target shooting, if worked over by a competent smith, could they be competitive with the fully tricked out Rem 700s ? - Personally I don’t see why not, but then, I never see Model 70s being used, and rarely talked about.

    Is there a particular reason?

    I understand that f-class favors a good shooter with a decent rifle, over a poor shooter with a $5 to $10,000 custom rig, (otherwise I wouldn’t bother competing at all) but at the same time; I do want my shooting to be the limiting factor in my performance, not the rifle.

    So any input on the suitability of the new model 70s would be appreciated.

    And if you think the model 70 is a decent platform, then feel free to pass along suggestions for smiths (preferably in the north, or eastern halfs of the country, or even southern part of Canada) Its always reassuring to hear a few good reviews before shipping a rifle.

    Thanks for any input you have.
  2. rscott5028

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Model 70 is plenty competitive against Rem 700, Savage, etc.

    They just cost more to produce and customize.

    There are a number of competent smiths that frequent this forum.

    Hopefully, one or more will speak up as to their willingness to work on Win M70's.

    -- richard

  3. jrsolocam

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    Apr 10, 2010
    +1 exactly. Rem 700's are the cheapest action to work on.
  4. winmag

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    Dec 23, 2009
    I love mine.
    I've got a pile of Winchesters, from most eras, but I just had my first custom built on my very first model 70 I ever got.

    Winchesters have an integral recoil lugg. Meaning the lugg, & the action are one piece of metal, Rem is not. Thier recoil lugg is, in crude terms, basically a washer between the action , & the barrel. This makes them easier, & therefore cheaper to work on. It's also why there are so many Rem 700 knock offs, & clones for "custom actions". It's an inexpensive action to produce & a proven platform.

    Winchesters are also a bit heavier, & many folks belive they're stronger, but they cost more to produce.

    Both have a HUGE following, & endless aftermarket support. Both have won matches, & set records. Both are great buildable platforms. Can't go wrong with either.

    I prefer Winchester to Rem. for a few reasons, but mainly the integral Lugg, & 3 position safety, & angle of the bolt throw.

    I've always been a Winchester guy, but in all reality its a Chevy vs Ford vs Dodge thing. They all have thier own following for this reason or that, but in the end they are all just great American Trucks, & Muscle Cars.

    PM me your Email if you want pics. I can't post them from my phone, & I don't own a computer.

    Winchester Model-70 Long action.
    -Action "squared & trued" not much to do there cause its got an integral lugg
    -Bolt fluted & squared, & luggs lapped
    -#4 Hart barrel 26" fluted 10 twist
    -Jim See (Centershot rifles) "Mini Muscle brake".
    -Stock pillar bedded, & barrel floated
    -Leupold rings lapped, & screws upgraded.
    -Opened bolt face from -06 to 300WSM
    -Feed ramp & rails worked on.
    -Had it throated for 200gr Accubonds loaded long, but I got a .205" center to center, 3 shot group with 180gr Accubonds over RL-17 with Fed. 215 primers, & Nosler brass.

    I did my own trigger work.
    Understand It's not a finished product yet, & I gotta put some lipstick on the lil piglet, but it's shootable...... Assuming less than 1/4" @ 100yds is good enough....:D
    Haven't even tried the 200's yet.
    I'm having some feeding issues that I'll have addressed by a local smith, & I've still gotta Cera-kote it, & possibly get a different stock, but I like the feel of my wood stock when it's snowing in Elk season anyway, so I may just keep it. Heck, I've been shooting with that stock since I was 13 hahaha.