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    Nov 30, 2010
    So I told my son tuesday night he was going hunting with me Wednesday morning.
    He says he don't wanna go but since my wife had to work guess what......gotta go.
    Up @ 530 I promptly wake him,Get coffee on eat breakfast and hit the highway. Later than I wanted but we were off.
    Since it was getting light already I made a change in destination in route.
    So I took my exit and headed to our new spot.
    1st set up we were overlooking a creek bottom that had 2 or 3 runoffs that came in to it.
    I tell my son he is the primary shooter since he still has yet to shoot his 1st coyote.
    Once the fox pro started we sat patiently waiting for the wiley coyote to show.
    Well after 20 mins nothing shows. I play around with some different sounds and after a bit longer I decide we are done here.
    Just as I turn the sound off we hear a coyote barking from the top of a ridge several hundred yds away.
    I made some coaxer sounds and tried to wait that yote out but It was winning the battle.
    i called the set up and we as quietly as possible packed up and snuck up the trail.
    The next spot was even more promising as it was another creek bottom that opened up into a big wide open flat that just screamed coyote.
    We set up in some brush on the side of a hill above the creek. There are several game trails leading into this bottom so I'm really excited this 1 should produce.
    Wind picked up, But it was a lite wind that blew in our faces.
    I started this stand with my Ruffi-Dawg hand call. After a few series of Rabbit screams I stopped for a min. Now I'm changing things on this day for an edge and switch to my howler and the fox pro howls then myself again,My kid prolly thinks I'm nuts.
    After about 15 mins I played a coyote pup howl then silence.....then the coyote pup distress.
    So my son is on my left,Sam the coyote dog is on my right and I'm in the middle.
    From outta the brush not 10-15 yds from my son a coyote comes crashing thru the opening and on a mad dash for the decoy,Well the breeze had change and was coming from our backs now and that coyote hit our scent and hit the burners.
    We were caught off guard and even Sam almost stained his shorts.
    We had no idea a coyote was anywhere near us. You people shoulda seen the look on my sons face it was truly priceless.
    So I handed Sam leash to Colby and told him to stay put and I went around the hill hoping for a shot that wasn't meant to be.
    We gathered ourselves and made our way in further.
    This last spot we are about 2 miles from the nearest driveable road.
    Wind stabilized to random 5-10 mph and coming from the North.
    I set Colby up wind over looking a wide flat and a huge plateau that has tons of hiding places for critters and coyotes alike.
    I put Sam on my left and we covered the downwind and I gave Colby his final instructions before we started calling.
    I started this one with groundhog distress and after about 6 mins I paused it.
    Then I played fox dis. and thats when Sam whipped his head around to our left and I look to see a Coyote turning away and heading out. I think it has already winded us and I imediately start whistling,This coyote goes about 100 yds and makes that last stop before it disappears,It turns broadside...I know my kids not gonna get a shot so I get on it and send a 105 amax powered by 42grs of H4350 to meet the coyote.
    I hear the unmistakeable Smack.....Dog down.
    I cut Sam loose and he covers that 100 yds or so in mear seconds.
    Once there Sam get it by the throat and thrashes it around ensuring it expired, Once he was satisfied it was down for the count he thrashed it some more.
    he let up when Colby and I got there and man the damage those 105's cause is amazing. Small entry huge Exit. It left no doubt thats for sure.
    This load prints one hole groups @100 outta my Savage mdl 10 243.
    I asked my son if he was glad I made him go he said....."Heck ya"
    When we have a successful hunt together he gets his picture with the coyote so here he is with Sam.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone................................


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    May 2, 2001
    I enjoy your posts so much!

  3. Rabbiddog

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Thanks I do try to give a clear picture of the hunt hopefully enjoyable for all readers.
    In the picture of me you can see exactly where I was sitting, direction and all.
    When I remember to I try to get pics of the shooting area,It just slipped my mind here.