Sneaky Coyote meets Rabbiddog

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  1. Rabbiddog

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    Nov 30, 2010
    So a friend of mine text me wanting to go calling yesterday. We went to a ranch he has permission to hunt.
    1st set did some howling with my Primos mini mag howler. Then some rabbit distress with my Ruffi-dawg open reed call. Nothing showed.
    Same result on set up #2...Blanked..Sat both for 30 mins since ever time we call yotes in here they always show after 20-30 mins.
    Set 3 I used Snow Shoe hare on the Fox Pro for 10 min or so. Then Jack Rabbit Distress for 10 mins or so then pup distress and ended with a coaxer sound.
    After calling for 30 min,I was gonna get up but decided to take 1 last look around. From right to left I look and when I get all the way to my left is when I see a Coyote standing no more than 50 yds away on a lil knob on the hillside we were sitting on.
    Well it was looking right at me,Then looked to the mojo decoy then back to me then back to mojo. So I turn Fox Pro on and played rabbit on low.
    That got him lookin at mojo again. I finally figured out after 5 mins or so that the coyote could see Sam moving his head as he looked around and thats why he kept looking my way.
    Well he must have decided we weren't a threat cause he headed down the hill toward mojo and then Sam see's him and whips his head around and the coyote see's the movement and I get on him and shoot.....He drop right there. I let Sam go and he went down and grabbed that coyote by the neck and whipped it around then he let go and came back to me and we walked down together to get the coyote.
    A nice big male, took it to our local archery shop and had a friend weigh it and for a Ca. valley Coyote this guy was a toad,tipped the scale at 25.5 pnds.
    Tubed him last night and off to the tannery next week.

    So Sam is coming along fine. I took him this morning again we didn't call anything.
    He has a developing skill of going in the direction I have my rifle pointed after I shoot. Don't know why he does it but he just heads that way and finds the Coyote.I'm going to encourage him to continue that skill he's been doing that since the 1st one I shot.
    Yesterday he got to the yote and ruffed it up a lil then came to me when I called and he still tried to bite at it a couple times but I corrected him. I want him to find the Coyote make sure its down for the count then stop.
    Only time will tell if I get what I want out of him but I believe we are on the right path. He is eager to learn and please.
    He has yet to make a sound on stand and he don't fidget around much I just gotta get him to quit whipping his head around so much.

    Frank and Sam
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    May 2, 2001
    Frank, I sure am enjoying your coyote posts!

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    Jun 12, 2008
    very nice keep up the good work.
  4. Rabbiddog

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Thanks I really try to give as much detail as I can remember. I like a clean story that give the readers a feeling of what I'm feeling on every stand.
    This to me is one of the best sports there is. I enjoy it and I want everyone who reads my post to enjoy it.