Questions on tac 15 assembly, Squaring and leveling?

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    Aug 24, 2011
    After receiving the 2 upper pieces yesterday I proceeded to square and level the bow to the rail. I have the rail level on some shooting bags, and the bow tightened to see where I am at. The bow is level from cam to cam direction. I have a couple questions before I proceed further. When I put the level on the bow pointing from front to back, it shows that the front of the bow is pointing down toward the floor about a 1/8 of a bubble, while the rail is level. I put the level on top of the scope mounting rail, and that says that it is pointing down almost 3/8 of a bubble. Do you add moleskin a spacer in front of the bow screws to make the bow levl with the rail, or is the bow supposed to be level with the scope mount? I assume the scope mount is designed to aim lower to accomadate for the hieght the scope is above the rail. Sorry for the newbie questions, but I want to get this right. Thanks Marc
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    Hi Mark,