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    So...The wife just got me a new RCBS Pro2000 for happy no reason day. I love the idea of using the progressive for my 223 (ar-15) loads as well as 22-250 and some pistol calibers. Heres the question of the day. If your cases need to be trimmed, what process do you use to trim them. The reason I'm asking is because I know you should resize before trimming. Sounds like a seperate operation before using the progressive. Mostly the 223 stuff I also like to deprime before I clean my cases (tumble)

    So..Is the only option to deprime/Size...then clean, then run thru the progressive?

    Thanks a million


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    May 3, 2001
    I would trim the suckers before sizing, the minute amount that they might lenthen will not be significant. Some guys would not agree, there was a time when I might have preferred to worry about that stretching, but since I quit worrying about things like that - my groups have not got any bigger.

    You have a very good press (and wife!!!). One thing I would suggest is that you familiarized yourself with taking the top deck completely apart, they send the appropriate allen wrenches. Eventually you will probably get a spent (or fresh) primer scrunched in the APS apparatus and the worst case scenario is the upright arm with PRO 2000 stamped it it will bust off. It is made of soft metal, probably intended to be a weak spot so nothing nasty can happen to the APS or whatever. Take the plastic top piece off, get comfortable with re-assembly. If I can do it, anyone can.

    Also check the tension of the round gnurled screw that is on the measure parts that clamp to the die, it loosens with use and requires a slight tightening regularly. It is at the end of the shiny clamp, bottom of the assembly that moves the arm.

    My press is totally reliable and it makes ammo that shoots inside 0.5 if me and the rifle are up to it. Same goes for the Dillon and Hornady presses - they are good tools.

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    Thanks Ian

    Great tips..yup. found the little screw you were talking about, I'm all over it. I think it's gonna work out good especially for handgun. The wife burns thru that stuff like crazy. Trust me, I'm not complaining.

    again, thanks for the tips and have a good one