Outers Steady Point Deluxe Rest

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    Sep 21, 2004
    I purchased this Outers Steady Point Deluxe Rest about a year ago to use for load development for heavy recoiling rifles. Didn’t like using it because I thought it was a little awkward to use but it worked okay for taking out the recoil.

    After returning from South Dakota Prairie Dog shooting with my standard setup of a front rest and sand rear I decided to give this rest another try. I looked the rest over and recalled what I didn’t like:

    1) The rear adjustment didn’t go down far enough, solved this by using a flat nut above the foot.
    2) The knobs continually got loose, so I added lock washers.
    3) The holder for the rear of the stock was to wide causing the rifle to wobble, so I added felt furniture pads on each side.

    After these modifications I took the rest with me to Kentucky Woodchuck hunting. The rest worked excellently, I would spot a chuck, use the elevation and windage adjustments to dial the chuck in. The secret is to not touch the rifle just use the knobs for target alignment then gentle put your shoulder in and squeeze the trigger. Normally I use 12X for most of my shooting because it is easier to hold and the scope will not jump off the animal. With this setup I was able to use power settings all the way up to 25X with ease. This setup worked so well I thought I was cheating.