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    Not sure this is the place to post this; but it's good info on people that are doing good work. This group also takes wounded vet's hunting as well.
    Here's an old buddy of mine {Micah Clark} doing some great work with our vet's... If you know anyone that might like to help as a supporter let me know and I'll get them in touch with Micah. Or contact Camp Patriot on the video interview.
    [/SIZE]A Courageous Climb with Camp Patriot's Vets | KING5.com Seattle
    Thanks for any help.

    This was just sent to me by Micah father Bill.
    We need your help before this Thursday July 21, 2011. Below you will find a link and instructions (highlighted in yellow) on how to vote for Camp Patriot. The Sports Grant Foundation is going to try and raise 3 million dollars to be divided between three non profits.

    Please read below Janet Wilson"s comments about the grants. Janet put Camp Patrito into the race and just hosted a very successful "Camp Patriot Fun Run" this past 4th of July in Pasco.

    Please vote and please ask all of your friends to vote. We really need the help. God bless you and thank you.


    Camp Patriot

    Attached is the link – it goes through Facebook. Sportsgrants Foundation has chosen two charities (Special Operations Warrior Foundations, CrossFit Kids) the third beneficiary is being voted on, and Camp Patriot is one of five that made the cut! We are in last place right now with 42 votes (first is 168), but I will be real annoying in the next few days. The polls close This Thursday at 5pm PST. Last year this Fundraiser done by all CrossFit Gyms in the nation – raised $1.5 million! This year the goal is $3 million. Correct – even if we do not win this one – to be in Sprotgrants radar could be very beneficial in the future.

    Steps for voting:
    Click on link, bypass enter e-mail and password just click on blue facebook logo, allow access, then click on vote button again.

    Thank you all, Bill Clark, Camp Patriot
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