Opinion on reloading equipment?

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  1. TrpD345

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    Jul 21, 2005
    I am going to start reloading and want some good advice on which outfit to purchase. I already have a digital grain scale from RCBS that I use to weigh my arrows with. It seems that most all the stores in my area carry various RCBS products. What are ya'lls opinion on them? Do you recommend other? and if so, why? Also, are dies interchangable between reloading presses? What are your thoughts on the newer automatic case trimmers? Would it be an extra waste for someone that was not loading alot? Is one better for accuracy than the other? Thanks so much for the help and a great sight!!!
  2. Ian M

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    May 3, 2001
    Reloading can range from a very simple set of tools and accessories that make decent ammo to a garage full of presses and specialized tools. Bottom line for me is to make ammo that is a compliment to my rifle's inherent accuracy, and lots of it so I can practice as much as possible and do it with reasonable cost. Good idea to buy quality stuff initially, pay a bit more so that you do not have to buy a second time because something is not doing a good enough job. Redding is probably tops right now, but RCBS is also producing great equipment. Stick with one of these companies and you will have good gear. You can mix and match, reloading dies are interchangeable on most presses for instance but you know that RCBS dies and presses will be compatible. Companies offer reloading kits that include essentials and basics, usually a few dollars can be saved by looking at them. Check out Midway and a couple of other big sources, places that offer best prices because they sell in volume. I sue an electric case trimmer another electric gadget that does primer pockets and flash holes - both from RCBS, one main reason - to get the job done quick. They work great for my needs, real fussy reloaders prefer to do everything by hand usually.
    Good luck with your decisions, the guys here will offer good assistance and they been there, just ask.

  3. 7Rumloader

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    Jan 20, 2005
    TrpD RCBS is a good product and is very widespread and sorta a household name when it comes to reloading. Most folks use a variety of reloading gear brands. Ian made a great post saying to start with a kit that provides the essentials and then pick up some of the tools that make it easier. Here are a few kits to look at that include all of the basics RCBS Lyman Redding
    The Redding is a little higher price wise but is very nice equipment. There are other setups available but I would stick with one of these 3. There are lots of tools out there to make it easier for you but it would take all day to list them all.
    Some more guys will chime in before too long and add to the list of things you need and like Ian said just ask if you have a question on a certain tool or gadjet you think you might need and somone will give you some feedback.

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    Mar 22, 2003
    RCBS great products and super warranty. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
  5. LB

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    Jul 22, 2004
    I think RCBS makes decent products, for the most part. Sort of the Chevy of the reloading industry. Seems like a few things; like dies, has suffered since the big acquisition, but most everything they make is serviceable.

    Good hunting. LB