New Savage MKII .22 cal Owner

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    Jun 2, 2012
    Im the new kid on the block so please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ron so either my screen name or my real name is ok. I live in Iowa and am almost ready to retire. Not by choice.

    Ijust purchased a new Savage MKII FV from Bud's and am very satisfied with the service so far. If I get the gun on the projected delivery date, not counting Sunday (I see movement in tracking on Saturday) it took 4 days from my order date. I should get the rifle Tuesday. Now that is service, and shipping was included in the price.

    Ok, here is some info I found at the Savage site pertaining to cleaning and breaking in a new rimfore barrel. I know there will be posts saying break in is not necessary, but, what can it hurt? I am all for burnishing and removing burrs and cleaning out ALL the factory goo, so I will take the instruction to heart. Here is the link for the page:

    Savage Arms

    I am just getting into using real paper targets instead of beer cans and pill bottles to sight in on. That is how I always did it and I always got my squirres, rabbits and groundhogs. Now I cant find any here in Iowa where i live but if I drive 50-60 miles i may find a few squirrels. They're still my fave.

    I am thinking about a trip to Texas for Hogs. Anysuggestions for caliber and area to hunt? I am anxious to see if the hogs in Texas are as big as some of the Photoshopped pics show they are. : )

    Have a good day all...I'm off to the range. The scope on my Marlin 60 keeps wanting to slip and I am having a heck of a time. I put a new set of rings on it so today I test them out. Wish me luck.

    PS (I am really enjoying all your posts):D