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    Aug 24, 2013
    Hey all,
    I recently read a post about new and old remington 700 series. I personally just purchased a 700 .300 RUM SPS with a junk china made scope but it had harris bipod so I tried it the way it was set up and quickly fitted it with a timmy trigger, a nikon monarch 5-20X44SF M BDC and still the best groups I could get at 100 yds. were 3-4 inches, even with reloads. That sucked!! So I went to Redhawkrifles and purchased a Bell & Carlson Alaskan II and was told by Bell & Carlson it was a drop in fit. So I simply switched the stocks and tried it. At 100 yds. it was 1/2 moa, at 450+ yds. it was 1.5 moa and at 700 yds. it was hitting a 10 inch plate easily and all I did was switch out stocks.
    When I bought that stock, the guys at Red Hawk Rifles had several 55 gal. drums of those stocks. They are pure junk. So if you want a great shooting rifle for long range hunting at a reasonable price, it is worth looking into. The stock was only $235. It also took a lot of the kick out it.
    Bullets were loaded with 97 gr. of retumbo and 180 gr. barnes TSX Boattails.
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    Glad you got the rifle shooting good, hope you got a good deal with as much as you put into it.