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    Mar 30, 2008
    I posted this to the Long Range Shooting forum, and should have included it here.

    In spring of last year I posted that I was going to attempt to create a new bullet design with higher performance. I have been reminded by one of the post readers that I need to give everyone a report.

    The new design we completed in late summer last year, and we have been trying to figure out how to make it commercially available since then. The issue has been cost. Since I mostly shoot .284 the model has been a 7mm bullet. Our manufacturing cost on the bullet is about $1.50. This particular bullet weighed in at about 240 grains with a BC of about 1.

    For those who make bullets it is no surprise to them. The cost of tungsten is now about $14.00 per pound.

    We are not attempting to make just another tungsten bullet, but with special plasticized resins our efforts have been to make a heavy bullet in smaller diameters that also will expand and perform much like a lead bullet on impact. That has been our objective.

    We have not given up the ship and will continue to work on the project.

    I am afraid I use the term "we" loosely. This is really a one man project. I engaged the services of a ballistics expert to do the design of the bullet. I use internal company engineering to work on the other engineered aspects of the project. I continue to work with a Tungsten manufacturer for additional solutions.

    Thanks for the interest to all who have written me about this project. It will continue.