New barrel, 270WBY or 7mm STW

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    Aug 28, 2008

    I have a rifle weatherby mark v cal 270wby, made in Japan, so, I used it a lot, and now the barrel already needs to be changed; now the situation is: repeat the cal. 270wby or change of cal. 7mm STW.

    I´d two barrels shilen select match stainless steel one in 270 1-10 and one in 7mm 1-9.25, blanks, also i had 2 barrels dowglas primiun 1-10, blank also.

    My 270wby using powder 7828 and 130grs nosler bt, it gets 3400-3450fps, with very good precision.

    So the 7mm STW using 140grs nosler bt and powder 7828, gave me almost the same velocity 3400-3450fps. but with almost 8,0 grs more of powder.

    now the cal. 7mm has the advantage to use bullets as heavies as the 175grs and the 270 has the 160grs, but i use the rifles for mountain hunting, for which the weight of the bullets to use rank in cal. 7mm of the 140-154grs and in the 270 of 130-140grs,

    now I had stored cases, bullets and powder to use in the two calibers, alone serious question to define for which caliber???.

    the rifles that at present have are: 240wby, 257roberts, 257wby, 270/243imp, 300wby x 2 and 340wby.

    the rifle will be used when not require the 300wby and seek something more impact that the 257wby, as for example in coues and mule deer hunting in mountains,

    I expect its comments

    Best regards :cool:

    G. Ayala
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    Feb 18, 2008
    If you liked your 270, why not rechamber for it again.
    I have a 7 STW and am a big fan of that caliber. If you are looking at longer shots on elk size game, I would not go smaller than a 7mm. Just my opinion.
    But you already have a 300 Weatherby , so you got that covered.
    Ballistically,I like the 7mm over the 270.